Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers – A primer on the Basics

Many people use a pull behind trailer when they ride their motorcycle. However, there are a lot of questions that center around these types of trailers. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is a pull behind motorcycle trailer?


Simply put, a pull behind motorcycle trailer is a specialized type of trailer that can be pulled with a motorcycle that has been outfitted to do so. These trailers are typically small in nature and they have a profile that is not really that much wider than the motorcycle itself. They are typically very aerodynamic and they are designed to be safely pulled behind the motorcycle for a variety of reasons.

It is easy to think of these types of trailers in the same fashion that a person can think of a camper being pulled behind a pickup. The only difference is that the motorcycle is doing the pulling and the trailer is much, much smaller. However, it does work well for storage and can be used for a variety of different things, especially in the hands of someone who is creative enough to figure out how to load it.


Why would someone want to pull a trailer with their motorcycle?


The answer to this question is relatively easy. People often want to pull a trailer behind their motorcycle because they love to ride, often long distances, and motorcycles offer very little in the way of storage space. Even the motorcycles that are designed to have small storage compartments are not capable of storing anything much bigger than a large flashlight. This poses a number of problems for anyone that is on a ride of extended distance or for someone that has made the decision to ride cross country. As a result, a pull behind trailer is typically used so that additional items can be safely stored without having to worry about fumbling around for things all the time.

In addition, it keeps the items that are being stored secure. As a result, a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts that ride over long distances choose to utilize these types of trailers.


What are the main types of pull behind motorcycle trailers?


Most of the time, these trailers are designed from fiberglass or something similar. The idea is to have a trailer that is lightweight, yet stable enough to stay in a straight line with the motorcycle. If it weighs too much, it has a tendency to drag a motorcycle down and it is difficult to pull. On the other hand, a trailer that does not weigh enough can become very dangerous because it is difficult to control and it may begin to sway all over the place. This is especially dangerous with a motorcycle because it can cause the bike itself to crash. As a result, it is vitally important that the trailer that is chosen be one that works well with the particular motorcycle that will be used to pull it.

Most of these trailers have a hitch that is specially designed to fit into a motorcycle that has been retrofitted to pull a trailer. Most of the trailers have one or two main compartments that lock securely. The surprising thing is that they are able to hold a lot more cargo than it looks like they would be able to handle.


How do you learn to pull a trailer with your motorcycle?


Fortunately, learning to pull a trailer with your motorcycle is not really that difficult. However, due to the nature of the activity that is involved, it is important that you keep in mind some very important safety precautions. First and foremost, you should not attempt to pull a trailer with a motorcycle unless you have plenty of experience driving a motorcycle in the first place. It is definitely not recommended to have a newly licensed motorcycle rider that immediately goes out and gets a trailer.

Pulling a trailer, no matter how small, changes the entire dynamic of the motorcycle and it changes the way that it handles in virtually every situation. As a result, it is important that anyone that is planning on pulling a trailer get accustomed to the way that it makes the motorcycle feel when they have plenty of space to do so as opposed to attaching it and going for a ride on a congested highway. It is also important to get an idea of how the motorcycle feels while pulling the trailer without incorporating a lot of turns, stops and starts. Make every effort to ensure that the motorcycle can be safely handled in congested conditions while pulling a trailer before attempting to do so on a busy highway.

Which type of trailer is suited for my motorcycle?


This can sometimes be a loaded question. The thing to remember is that you should never choose a trailer that is heavier than what your motorcycle can safely handle. Therefore, you can probably handle one of the larger trailers if you ride a motorcycle that is stable and has enough power to deal with it without allowing it to become a problem. On the other hand, if you happen to ride a motorcycle that is lighter and somewhat underpowered, you are going to have a much more difficult time pulling a trailer unless you choose one that is exceptionally small and lightweight. That is why it is so important to choose a trailer that exactly fits the bike that you plan to ride.

A general rule of thumb is that you should not choose a trailer that is much larger in width than the motorcycle, nor should you choose one that will make it difficult for you to ride safely. The easiest way to accomplish this is to take the motorcycle you plan to use with you. Ride it there and try the trailers out one by one until you find one that you feel can meet your needs without causing a problem when you are riding.

Let’s take a look at this in another form – A motorcycle trailer infographic.

pull behind motorcycle trailer types infographic




When you make the decision to pull a trailer with your motorcycle, you are doing something that can make your life a lot easier, especially if you ride a lot. However, it does require that you be an experienced rider and that you have the skills necessary to handle a motorcycle successfully. It also requires that you choose your trailer carefully and make sure that it is a good fit for the motorcycle that you will be using. Doing all of these things will help you enjoy your experiences instead of dreading them.

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Motorcycle camping trailer buying guide with some important tips

There’s few things better in life that the pure freedom that taking off on your hog gives you. You also love the pure power and adrenaline that you get knowing that you can go anywhere, at any time comfortably. You have a rush in your blood to get on the road and go- and when you wanna go, you wanna go- you don’t want anything or anyone holding you back. It’s very important to figure out exactly what your bike can haul, and also what kind of accommodations you want to have in your new motorcycle camping trailer.

biker pulling a camping trailer from usatrailerstore

It’s really tough these days to find the perfect sidekick to your set-up that’s going to meet your particular specifications and be everything you need without being cumbersome or hard to work with. You absolutely have to have something mobile that’s not too heavy to hold your bike back; but also sturdy enough that you feel safe bedding down for the night, even in bad weather situations. You’ll definitely feel like the boss of your world when you purchase and utilize an awesome trailer that gives you everything you need to complete your trip or vacation while giving you a home away from home on wheels when you have to hit the road.

Why invest in a motorcycle camping trailer?


Motorcycle camping trailers extend the usefulness of your bike- getting rid of several limitations that hold bikers back. One of the immediate uses for a motorcycle camping trailer is to provide a biker a place to wait out bad weather while they are on a vacation or trip. Also, these types of camping trailers can be very fun to plan a little getaway with your special someone- you can take off to the middle of nowhere and disappear for a few days, pack up your trailer with everything you need and only have to stop for gas and bathroom breaks. Plus it’s really useful for you to have a place to stay, even if there isn’t a hotel or rest stop for miles. On top of that, imagine what you would save having a place to stay that’s not an overpriced, understocked, filthy hotel room. After you make the decision to buy one; after doing a little bit of research, you’ll find that motorcycle camping trailers come in wide varieties, but in the end; there’s only a few basic models to chose from- and they’ve all got their positives and negative aspects.

When you’re looking into motorcycle camping trailers; you’re going to find two or three kinds that pique your attention.


solace motorcycle camping trailer pulling behind biker with sidecarOne variety is going to be a large, heavier model with a pop-out tent that requires little to no set-up and is generally harder to pull than another similar model- a motorcycle camper that also can be used as a trailer. These types of lightweight motorcycle trailers are more versatile because you have more room to store equipment, and they are lighter because they haven’t got the mechanics to weigh them down. These particular camping trailers have several unique advantages over larger models; they are super lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them safer for you on the road because you haven’t got all of the extra weight, plus they’re not going to take all of your bike’s horsepower to pull up hills. The third prevalent option that some consider are trailer varieties that work in several ways; you can pull them behind you with a truck or S.U.V. if you’d rather travel with your bike in tow, or you can pull them with your bike, it’s all up to you. Like the other options, they too have their drawbacks. They’re typically boxy and weigh a considerable amount that might slow you down if your bike doesn’t have a decent amount of power behind it-which severely limits your motorcycle camping experience.

It’s important to pick the trailer that best fits your needs- as they’re very different.


The most important part of picking out a trailer is deciding which trailer will best fit your needs. Are you in a hurry, verytrike with camping trailer in towexperienced, and not afraid of having a problem with a heavier, harder to maneuver trailer that pops open in a snap and has next-to-no setup time to hold you through a heavy rainstorm until you can hop back on your bike? Or are you looking for a more versatile model that can hold a few things for you; including a sturdy, well built tent that attaches to your trailer, so you can carry a few extra supplies to make your trip a little easier on you? Maybe you just want to take your family, your dog, a whole bunch of equipment- and you’d need an easy place to park your hog for tow; and maybe you want to do it all at once and even give your family a place to camp?
You know what you need. One of the most important parts to buying a new trailer is sitting down and writing down what your price ranges are; what you plan on using your trailer for; and which features you would rather have in a pinch. Even more important, you have to take the specifications for your motorcycle into account when purchasing a motorcycle camping trailer, because if you want complete freedom you definitely don’t want something that won’t work with your bike, or requires your truck to move around if you want to save money, or just don’t want to deal with the hassle.

Helpful hints to help you decide which trailer to pick


Sometimes, the best way to decide exactly which option is right for you is to simply plot out all the options in a grid that includes all the important information you need to distinguish each trailer apart. Simply start six vertical columns on a piece of paper, and label them thus: Description, Style, Price, Weight, Specs and Options, and then search for as many options as you can. It’s important not to take this decision lightly, as these types of trailers are typically affordable, but expensive. Expect to pay between $2000-3000 for lightweight camping trailers that have multiple functions and more than that for the non-pop-up trailer counterparts. The difference in price should only help make your choice in the end, as what works for you should be something that isn’t going to hinder your safety, or the safety of your loved ones.

Buying a motorcycle camping trailer will revolutionize traveling on your motorcycle long distances. It gives you a vast amount of freedom where riding without a shelter puts you at the mercy of the elements or your energy levels, and both are pretty hard to predict. When you’re traveling, it’s important to be ready for anything to provide your loved one with the safest experience possible- and that comes from carefully picking and choosing the absolute best options for your ride that you can.

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Pull Behind Campers for Motorcycles

If you have ever considered the idea of using pull behind campers to go camping when riding a motorcycle, you have got to take a look at the Solace Motorcycle Camping Trailer. This is unlike anything that you have ever seen. It provides you with a compact trailer that is hardly any wider than the motorcycle itself, yet when it opens up, you have enough space for you and a couple of friends. It takes camping to a whole new level. In fact, it is almost impossible to believe that something that comes in such a small trailer could set up so fast or be so spacious. Check out the full list of features here.


usatrailer store pull behind camper motorcycle trailerGoing Camping With a Trailer

Going camping with a trailer that attaches to a motorcycle exemplifies the epitome of freedom. You have the opportunity to experience the open road with the wind on your face as you ride, and you are able to get in some of the tightest places that larger vehicles simply cannot go. You also have the chance to utilize the trailer to your advantage so that you can stop in virtually any location you choose and make that a safe and comfortable place for you to stay for the night. In addition, the trailer itself also serves as a cargo trailer.

Even though it looks very compact, you have cargo space and a camper that has all the amenities of home in a single trailer that can comfortably be pulled behind almost any motorcycle with the trailer hitch. The trailer itself comes with LED lights and special suspension that helps it stay in line when you are pulling it. As a result, you can ride comfortably without worrying about the trailer swing back and forth.

Who would want a Pull Behind Camper Trailer??

People that are interested in purchasing this particular trailer should include anyone that enjoys riding motorcycles and also wants to have the experience of camping in a way that they have never before had the chance to experience it. Make no mistake about it, camping with this trailer is very different from buying a trailer at an outdoor supply company and going hiking in the woods. It provides more amenities and it feels more like home. You have the freedom of the motorcycle and the opportunity to live life on your own terms or simply enjoy nature for a few days and you get to be as comfortable as you would be if you are sitting with your feet propped up at home. It simply does not get any better than that.

How to set a Camper Trailer

One of the great things about this trailer is that it is so easy to set up that almost anyone can do it. It even comes with its own tent poles already attached. All you really have to do is unzip the protective cover and follow the directions for setup. It is so easy that you can do it in 5 minutes and then you have a camper that is secure and ready to go. Once it is setup, you have 72 square feet of space and the camper itself is more than 6 feet tall. The thing that really sets this one apart from the competition is that it has an air mattress that is large enough to comfortably sleep two people that is included with the camper and there is also a table and a cooler that are also included.

The camper itself is large enough that you have room to sleep and room to eat inside the confines of it and there is a free air conditioner stand and an attached air conditioner port that you can use to control the climate inside the camper, even on the hottest of days.

Benefits of Camping Outdoors

For people that love to camp outdoors, the benefits are numerous. After all, you have a chance to be at one with nature and you can do things your own way without having to worry about all of the hustle and bustle that is typically associated with your daily routine. If you need some time to get away from it all, this is the perfect way to experience things from an entirely new perspective.

solice camping motorcycle trailer from theusatrailerstore


However, even if you do not really think of yourself as someone who would enjoy camping, when you can experience it like this it completely changes things. You can bring the materials with you that you need, travel to wherever you want to go and then set up the camper and enjoy a fully enclosed place to sleep and eat without having to worry about anything. It offers you the best of both worlds at every turn. It gives you all the freedom of camping, yet makes you feel like you are in a castle.


usatrailer store camping trailer for motorcycle



Camping can be a lot of fun, but when you have the chance to experience it with this particular trailer and you couple that experience with the joy of riding a motorcycle, you feel like you are almost living life from a point of view that you didn’t even know existed. It is one of the best ways in the world to experience America or to enjoy a weekend with friends. It’s a completely unique trailer and combines all the best things about traveling light without making you give up anything that you really need along the way.

There are very few products that are able to accomplish this at all, not to mention being able to accomplish it the way that the Solace Motorcycle Camping Trailer does. The first time that you see it fully set up, you will be shocked that it is so secure and you will be equally shocked that something so spacious was able to come out of such a small trailer. If you want to experience the best of everything and you don’t want to compromise, this is a great way to take your love for riding motorcycles to the next level. There is no doubt about it, this is not your average pull behind camper. In truth, it is among the best pull behind campers that have ever been produced.

Tow Behind Motorcycle Trailer

girls just wanna have fun on bike with a motorcycle trailer in towIf your bike has got power, and you are considering a trailer, stop thinking about it – and give it a try. Often you need to carry more than you can simply fit on your bike. And what about the weather? Often you find yourself in situations where it’s important to protect your things from the weather and for security reasons.

Especially if you’re going on a long trip – a tow-behind motorcycle trailer might be just what you need. You might need to be a little more careful, but you never know when you’re going to need the extra utility. With a little maintenance and care on the road, a tow-behind trailer could be just what you need. Even better, some people have integrated different designs with their bikes! With a little paint, you can be completely original and give your bike trailer a little added flair and originality.

Here are 3 big reasons that you should consider towing a trailer with your motorcycle


Long Road Trips and Extra- Important Cargo


When you go on long road trips it’s vital to carry with you everything you may need. Your important cargo is kept safe with the durable and protective casing surrounding the trailer and they are capable of carrying more than you could ever imagine. If you’ve got awkward cargo; like long items, or heavy ungainly items, no better place to put them than in your trailer. They’re completely customizable; and you can get any size, weight, or functionality you want- you can add whatever features you want- specialized colors, shapes, and styles fit whatever need you may have making your experience as comfortable as possible. Additionally, certain models provide a place to sleep when the weather gets bad; a definite option to consider. Sometimes, these little riding companions are just what you need when you’re getting your bike, especially if you like the idea of having a little bit of freedom as far as your overall capacity.


camping with a tow behind motorcycle trailer from usatrailerstore

Weather Concerns


When the weather turns ugly and you have no choice but to stop the tow-behind motor cycle trailers double as a storage location and a sleeping location. Pop-up cargo trailers expand to almost a six foot radius across to allow for sleeping room for two passengers. Great for camping trips or when the weather makes it impossible to continue riding. Additionally, they protect your belongings from the elements; rain, sleet, snow, you name it! The protective covering ensures that no matter the weather your belongings remain dry and in tact, which is perfect for anyone driving a motorcycle worried about flash weather situations, plus it provides extra protection against strong winds and dangerous drafts that easily pull an off-balanced bike on the road. Having a trailer allows you have a break against the wind; and gives you something easy to lean into when you’re going into a turn. As long as you have a detachable swivel hitch, the trailer will never tow you anywhere, either.

Pop-up campers with tents offer the best in instant lodging, especially in a pinch. Just pull over to a rest-stop and simply pop up your camper and sleep out the worst deluge in comfort. There’s nothing option anywhere than the ones offered with lodging accommodations anywhere, with flexibility that’s unmatched. Often, these sorts of investments pay for themselves after your first positive experience in a negative situation.


Extra Protection When You Need it – and added Options.


If you have a light trailer you won’t even notice you’re pulling it behind you. As long as you remember it’s there and it’s long, you shouldn’t have any problems maneuvering through traffic or trying to park it. Many people find the extra protection it provides to your cargo to be one of the most satisfactory elements of carrying a tow-behind motorcycle trailer. For even more protection, splurge for the 12″ wheels to provide you with extra comfort and the security of your cargo to prevent it from bouncing around on bumpy roads, and to keep drivers from getting to close to your tail. Additional customization can vary from paint jobs to overall design. Some people go as far as to build their own trailer to add that extra personality.

Here are a few examples of some of the more creative options that people have come up with. If these ideas give you any ideas- then a trailer for your ride is just right for you. Imagine something that perfectly customizes your motorcycle and makes it completely unique with some simple construction. Add flair, add style, function, anything and everything you can imagine can be yours with a small investment in a tow-behind motorcycle trailer. Imagine people’s responses as you drive by, with an idea that’s completely yours- make it simple, make it complicated, just make it.

There are a few restrictions to note: in some states you are required to drive slower if you’re pulling a tow behind trailer. These are for general safety reasons that keep everyone on the road happy and healthy. If you’re thinking about investing in a tow behind trailer, think about these great reasons and consider all the possibilities that these kinds of trailers present. They provide you with all kinds of options when you need them! Don’t get stuck out in the rain, snow, ice, or anything else without something to protect your gear.

Plus it gives you added space to put anything you need, and can make a great addition to your bike, invest in a tow-behind trailer today- especially if you’re looking for functionality, style, comfort, and protection from whatever nature has to throw at you.

Ride Safe!